Digital Conversion Symposium - February 24th-25th 2016

We welcomed 180 attendees from 47 school districts across New York State! Below are some photos of activities during the Symposium.

Below are some comments and observations made by attendees during and after the Symposium.

The school sights were fantastic. I thank the teachers and students for allowing us to visit. Many of the presenters shared email addresses and welcomed any questions. The dinner at the museum was wonderful. Thank you so much.
Was able to get answers to many of the questions answered I had regarding differences between some of the systems. Great way to communicate with staff, students and parents.
The teachers were both so open and honest. I had also visited both of their classrooms. They were extremely helpful, and their enthusiasm was contagious.
Thank you for opening your school to us, and to the students and teachers who let us come in and see this in action!
Very well organized! Bravo!
[We are] looking to facilitate this work east of Rochester. My goal was to increase my capacity to help facilitate this kind of growth. My expectations were exceeded in all ways, from parking to food to the great people of EI.
One goal was how to create the culture of needing and wanting to change . This goal was met and I understand the importance now more than ever.
This was well organized and set a high bar for all of us to follow, while showing relatable ways to foster a 1:1 initiative. Exceeded my expectations.
Thank you for a great two days. I hope a reporter highlights the great work in EI just like Mooresville experienced in 2011.
Absolutely amazing effort. I know how challenging it can be to be innovative in K-12 schools. You guys manage to move your District into the 21st century AND you managed to pull off this feat of hosting a symposium for multiple other districts to attend. Bravo and kudos to you. Looking forward to the next one!
FANTASTIC JOB! Unbelievable efforts to pull this off while school was in session. Everything was 1st class and greatly appreciated. We already have return visits planned for some of our teachers who did not have the luxury of attending!
Great job with this symposium. It was very well organized, inspirational keynote, comfortable, welcoming, and informational. Thank you!
Great location, well organized, seamless day. Food was great and facilities were conducive to this type of learning. Thank you!
I can not thank you enough for sharing your school and all of your experiences. It was the best and most productive conference I have attended in a long time. If there was a question about any aspect of going 1:1 it was answered honestly. The staff was so friendly and open and willing to share, what a pleasure it must be to work there. We hope to be able to bring a team of our teachers and administrators up next year to visit. Thank you so much for the opportunity and for all your hard work throughout the conference. I don't want to leave out--kudos to your wonderful transportation staff, what a wonderful job they did! Good luck, I am looking forward to seeing your progress when I come back next year.
I loved how everything was digital, thank you! Keep up the great work and thank you for paying it forward!
I thought the two days were fantastic. I was very excited to see how the high school students and staff were utilizing the devices. This is unchartered territory for us and I was grateful to see that some of the teachers have really changed their teaching styles. Thank you very much for your hospitality- clearly everyone is extremely proud of the work you have been doing and the success of your students.
In my 30 years in area education, I don't recall a school district ever showcasing their instructional technology on a scale like this. I thought the entire event was well organized and very informative.
Please thank your staff, administration and especially your students for such a warm welcome into your district. We look forward to being a part of this conversation and transformation together with you for many years to come.
The 30 minute break-out sessions went very quickly. Perhaps they could be longer? Very well organized - from transportation, to greeters, signage, food, maps, visits and variety of valuable break-out sessions. Obviously LOTS of time was spent to attend to all of the details. Thank you! Very well done!
The keynote address from Dr. Mark Edwards was awesome. Thank you.
This conference was timely for me and my district. I was impressed each day with the professional way we were treated, the schedule, the reception, the access to vendors and the ability to talk to teachers using the technology. The networking time was valuable, too. Thanks for everything!!
This was amazing! I have gone to other schools to visit and talk about technology, and this is by far the best visit I have had! The workshops were extremely beneficial and helped me get a better understanding of how I could incorporate technology into my classroom and school. The teachers presenting were very knowledgeable and prepared. Thank you so much!

When will you be doing this again? This conference ranks in the top three that I have ever attended with respect to the relevant value I received and can pass on to my district.

Sponsor door prizes

Door prize winner/district Door prize Sponsor
Joseph Musa - Hannibal CSD Ricoh Theta 360 degree camera Ricoh
Jessica Sobers - Otsego Northern Catskills BOCES Journal, Planet Earth DVD set, Sony Bloggie Touch camcorder, case Discovery Education
Yu Jung Han - University of Rochester Fit Bit McGraw-Hill
Brian Zimmer - Webster Schools Ergotron Tablet Management cart (32 slot) Ergotron
Kelly Karszes - Gorham-Middlesex CSD Commercial labeler and supplies for 3000 devices Graphic Products
Xiaoyu (Ella) Wan - University of Rochester Apple TV 4th generation JAMF Software
Dave Green - East Rochester CSD 2 books - both written by Dr. Mark Edwards Pearson
Chuck Marzec - Jamestown CSD 2 books - both written by Dr. Mark Edwards Pearson
Lucy Roman - White Plains City School District 2 books - both written by Dr. Mark Edwards Pearson
Elizabeth Sinksi - Wellsville CSD 2 books - both written by Dr. Mark Edwards Pearson
Valerice Stuart - Hannibal CSD 2 books - both written by Dr. Mark Edwards Pearson
Diana DiGrande - Naples CSD IP network security camera R-Options
Philip Cammarata - Jamestown CSD Conference grab bag Schoology
Chris Arnold - Dundee CSD Best Buy gift card ($50) VMware